Dear Authors and Writers,

While writing some common topics which are applicable for man and woman both, please use the words “he/ she” instead of using only “he”. Please remember, we,women also have a big role in this universe !

Thank you for reading ! Let us make a beautiful world together ! God Bless this entire Universe !

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12 thoughts on “One Small Request !

  1. you are right , of course but I don’t think is personal and those persons have anything against woman and you should not feel offended . some people just…do not know english that good and they make this mistake.saw it often….

    1. Yes, this also true… Actually authors dont think in that aspect. They think about both man and woman but while writing, image of man only reflected in their mind. Anyway.. Change must occur.

      1. Honestly , it won’t occure and can’t bcoz english language is not that friendly to all the blogers . so, if you want to see a fast , real change,honestly , you must dedicate your blog to that .
        p.s. do not let them bother you because they just write….nothing else. maybe0,000000001% of the bloggers here will get to be known . they are just spendining/waisting some time

      2. Not for bloggers, even I have seen in some books.. Here I have also written as a general awareness. I am telling this to big writers who writes novels, books. Anyway, you people can treat this simply as a blog.

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