Era of Online !!

Whole world is now in your hand ! within a day, you can travel the entire world ! How is it possible ? Definitely by riding a car named “ONLINE”.

Not only travelling, you can buy everything through online, even you can sell also through online. You can teach online, you can become a student also through online. You can give examinations through online. You can run your business through online. You can convey your message to your relatives through online. You can invite them in a occasion through online. You can talk to entire world through online by Phone. Recently, medical treatment apps have also arrived in the market ! So you can cure the sick people through online. 

What is the result ? We are being handicapped ! We are being detached from our nature. We are totally dependent on “Online gadgets”. As technology is being developed, our mind is not getting space to be developed. Everything is fed to us, then how can we learn by ourselves ? If you feed your baby regular basis, how your baby will learn to eat the food ? Like this, technology is making us handicapped.

But, of course there exists so many positive sides due to era of online. We,the woman, can work from home. We can look after our family as well as our career simultaneously. This contribution of technology is great. If we feel not to cook someday, we can manage taking the help of technology. Everything have some positive as well as negative impact. But we should take the positive one.

Thank you for reading ! Let us make a beautiful world together ! God Bless !


8 thoughts on “Era of Online !!

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