the persons who failed many times but ultimately become a icon এর ছবির ফলাফল

Have you failed many times ? are you frustrated ?  Don’t worry. Never give up. You don’t know when success will knock at your door. 

When are you getting light ? You are getting light after spending some time within darkness, isn’t it. After night,day comes. Isn’t it ? If the entire room is full of darkness and you just put on the switch of Torch light, don’t you feel that the intensity of light is very high ? But when you are in a room which is full of sunlight and then if you put on the switch of torch light, will you feel that intensity of torch light is high ? No, you will not feel that. Right ?  But is it true that intensity of torch light is varying with time ? Intensity of torch light is same throughout the day and night.

Similarly, after failure success comes. If we don’t fail in achieving the things, we will not feel the intensity of joy in getting success. What is success ? Of course, the definition of success is varying from person to person. Ultimately, we all have to leave this earth with empty as we have come in this earth with empty.

the persons who failed many times but ultimately become a icon এর ছবির ফলাফল
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