thoughts in english এর ছবির ফলাফল

Be a positive thinker. You can think of a negative situation but immediately you should think how to handle the negative situation ( if you have to face ) in positive way. Try to think with positive attitude. It may happen that in spite of your positive thinkings,things are running towards negative direction. When this happens, be bold, earn some strength. Actually, there is always a clash between negative thinking and positive thinking. Negative thinking always tries you to pull towards its’ direction. But it is you only who can pull yourself towards positive direction.

A negative thinker always finds problem even in some positive things also whereas a positive thinker always finds opportunity even in negative things also. Negative thinker never become satisfied though God has given them many things. Life becomes very difficult for the Negative thinkers. Make life simple,easy,beautiful by changing your attitude. Don’t look at the thorns on  a plant, rather look at its flowers. 

God bless ! Thank you for reading.

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