Generations are changing and this is a continuous process. Kids are also changing. Environment is getting polluted and technology is getting promoted with some side effects. Education system, family bonding everything is being changed.

India is famous for its culture of festivals, parents-children relationship and education systems. Recently, this young generation is revolting against Indian culture. They are in favor of Foreign culture, where children are not allowed to sleep with their parents, where divorce is not a big deal, where education is based on activity not on theoretical knowledge.

I personally believe that India’s culture is best. Though, education system is not so good in India, still India’s culture is best. But sad news is that our country is loosing its culture gradually. I personally hate the concept of divorce. This relation is the main relation on which the whole family stand up. Can you accept it that your father is marrying someone else? You will never accept it, but in the same time you are being ready to give divorce to your spouse and this one you are accepting. Don’t you think that you are being selfish as because you are not thinking about your kids ? when human being will be habituated in giving divorce two-three times, mankind will loose sense of humanity.

Family is a place where we sacrifice for each other, where we think about others. If a man can give two-three times divorce, there will be no significance of marriage, there will be no importance of marriage. If there is no importance of marriage, the walls of family will not be strong. As a result, all human being will be self centered. No child will have that much affinity towards their parents. No child will look after their old parents. The world will exist without love and affection and this world will give us a bitter taste.

Exception always exists. Some cases, woman is compelled to give divorce because her spouse is torturing on her. In these cases, divorce is necessary. But lack of adjustment, small small reasons can’t be causes of divorce.


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3 thoughts on “Family

  1. Tanu I beg to differ on this. I feel the contemporary Indian society is full of hypocrisy. I would prefer divorce rather than living in a family where quarrels are rampant.. or cheating or other kind of violence exists be it physical mental or emotional violence. I have been part of a so called cultural family wheere I have seen genuine good relationship,but forced marraige too. I personally admire Western culture in the sense that people are not hypocrite s and allow you to start a life fresh. Indian society is dirty got divorced Indian female. I love Western culture cause of this. But I understand your view point too. Instead of shaming Western culture..I think we need to open our eyes..and learn the good from them .

    1. I have focused here only Family part. Regarding education system, I like western procedures. Actually view differs from man to man. But I personally hate the concept of divorce.

      1. Tanu nobody in this world would prefer divorce. It us there but. People fall out of love. Or there are other reasons. I believed in true love conquering all but my personal experience we’re different. Today I feel that divorce is a necessary part in human society.the way to mutually part ways if you don’t find joy together. Children should not be forced to live in a bad marriage . They grow crippled. Will discuss when we meet on this topic.thank you

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