Night – lovely night!
Who says darkness carries negative things? Who says Nights are scaring? Who says Light is always necessary?
Actually Light and Darkness both are required and both are important equally. We can’t think about Light in the absence of Darkness. Light becomes bright when we come to know after a certain time Light is leaving us.

Night is for planning and Day is for execution. If you want to do something different, choose night time for planning for thinking when everyone is sleeping.

Utilize the darkness, silence of Night to plan your tomorrow’s activity. Everyone is busy in sleeping, but you can’t able to sleep, as your dreams are keeping you active. Some hormones are ejecting at your body. You are being excited and thinking that your dream is going to be successful tomorrow. You are feeling awesome. Your energy is boosting you up. Even, you have forgotten to notice the time. You are looking at your planning schedule and when this schedule is towards its completion, suddenly you are looking at the clock and then starting to think that you have to take rest as tomorrow you have to make your planning successful.

Some people loves Night just because after ending all the works they can go for sleep. This happens to ordinary people. The people who thinks different, who wants to do something different which have not been done before, loves Night just because they will plan something new which will be executed tomorrow. Nature has given us time for planning and time for execution. If you want to be successful, think in different way, think in positive way, adopt the good things from Nature. Every time has its own beauty, just you have to look at the things in different way.

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