There are four hormones which calculate a human’s happiness and these are Endorphins, Serotonin, Dopamine and Oxytocin. These hormones should be ejected at our body and this part shall be taken care by us only.

We should do some physical activities daily. We can also laugh loudly with our old friends. Then only Endorphins hormone will be ejected at our body and we will feel happy. Ultimately, key of happiness is in our hand.

When we help others, when we donate blood, when we donate money to the poor people, we feel that we have done a good work and as a result Serotonin hormone is ejected and this hormone makes us happy.

We all are doing some major or minor works. But we are so much self centered that we forget to appreciate others. Recently, in the era of online, we have so much opportunities to appreciate others. We may appreciate others through Facebook, whatsapp, voice mail etc. After getting appreciation, Dopamine hormones will be ejected at our body and we will feel proud of ourselves. Thus we become happy.

When we get hugging from kids or we hug kids or closed family member, Oxytocin hormone is ejected and we feel happy.

Do you think hormones are making us happy? But who can eject these hormones? We only can make ejected these hormones. Ultimately, the key of happiness is with us. So be proud of yourself thinking that you can only make yourself happy.

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