Believing in positive things always increases your strength. You may believe in GOD, you may believe in yourself,you may believe on anything,but it must be in positive direction and your power of believing should be very strong. If you change your views after listening to others frequently then it means your believing power is very weak.

When we strongly believe in GOD, sometimes our wishes are being fulfilled, but sometimes it is not being so. Do you know why it happened so ? Just check it with yourself once. Sometimes, we are being too much confident about the things and then pray to GOD for fulfilling our wishes. Actually, when we are being too much confident, our subconscious mind starts believing that wishes are  being fulfilled and accordingly subconscious mind tries to make wishes fulfilled. Once our subconscious mind wants something to be fulfilled, it must be fulfilled as because it has tremendous power.

When we are believing in GOD idols only and that also not believing strongly, problem occurs and our wishes are not being fulfilled and we start thinking that GOD is not helping us. Actually, we are not helping ourselves ! And this is the reason for which the proverb ” God helps those who help themselves” is true.

Believing in GOD is a very good thing, but if you want to believe in GOD, believe strongly. Believing weakly means there is doubt in your belief and if this is the case then your wishes will never be fulfilled. So keep no doubt in your belief towards positive direction.

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