Codependency helps in Loving

Codependency gives strength in loving

With Nature-tanusrirchokhe

“There is nothing more nice,there is nothing much worse, than me as your vice and you as my versa”-Lang Leav

Codependency means we all should walk together,should help others and also should be helped by others. As per Nature’s “Give and take policy”,”Love” also follows the same policy. A kid always love her/his parents,definitely because the kid is completely dependent on her/his parents. Similarly parents also love their kids,of course there are reasons behind this. Emotional needs of parents are being fulfilled by their kids. A person loves her wife very much because he is completely dependent on his wife except financially. A wife loves her husband because she is financially dependent on her husband or may be dependent on her husband in some other fields too. When mentally,physically,financially in all these three aspects,husband and wife are completely independent ,sweetness and strength of love must decay in that relationship.


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