Hints hidden in Nature

nature photo এর ছবির ফলাফল

Are you frustrated in your daily boring life ? There is nothing new,no time for relax. What a life it is ! But if you look at surroundings,you will see -everything has its own path. Think about a clock running in same direction in every moment in every day in every year. Look at the Sun rises in same span in every day in every year. Actually we all are part of this surrounding.

If a clock can happily maintain it’s boring path, if Sun can rise in same way in same span happily, why can’t we maintain this boring life happily ? Is this just because we have lives and other thing are non-living object ?

Think about the life of non-living objects how they follow their routine daily. Do you think, they are handicapped ? No,rather they want to make this beautiful creation more beautiful, they don’t want any chaos in this universe. Or is this because they don’t have emotions ?

Can you imagine the life without emotions ? If no emotions exist in human life, it would have been become more bitter or maybe it would have been become a life like non-living objects. Utilize your emotions in positive way.

This is you who can convert emotions as a positive catalyst. Adopt the positivity out of all emotions and filter out the negative emotions. Okay, let me give an example :

Are you feeling disturbed in your in-laws house ? are you being tortured in your in-laws house ? you know that you have so many qualities within you but still you couldn’t do anything. Also is it being very difficult in staying in your in-laws house ? Think positively. Read yourself . Speak with your heart. Think,think again think. Have you got any idea to get rid of this pain ?something is coming in your mind,but you don’t know how to execute that , am I right ? This means you require more thinking on it. Think – “If you listen to your heart and execute accordingly, what will be your future ? Just imagine few pictures of few option based on your execution.” Also think the worst case which may occur after true execution and how to come out of that worst situation. Then,choose the best option.

You may apply this to other type of problems also. Consequences of your actions will be same. Actually, in our mind, so many informations and ideas always play. This is the hints given by Nature. You have to select the proper one and have to execute accordingly. After execution, if you get involved in more problems, then again nature will play so many ideas in your mind for coming out of that problem, and again you have to choose one idea by applying your intelligence. This is one cycle which we should follow, but sometimes we ignore the ideas and choose simply sitting idle which makes our life more complicated.

The cycle is :

So,think deeply–>listen to your heart –> Get lot of ideas –>Choose which you think as best (may be there are risks,Nature will help you to overcome those obstacles,just keep your ears and eyes open,look at surroundings)–> again life becomes problematic ? –>again follow the first 4 steps –>seems okay –> still look for better.


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