One sided Love

Unconditional love is rarely found. But people used to say – “love him /her, but don’t expect from him/her, then only you will be happy”. This means, one sided love makes a man happy. Do you believe in this? One sided love is heavenly love. Above all, we all are human beings. For us, it is no way possible.

One sided love is not long lasting. The person who loves but not being loved simply destroy himself/herself by thinking of his/her lovers. And this is the reaction for one sided love.

One sided love will make your health deteriorating day by day. When you love but don’t expect means you are not happy. You are simply blaming yourself. You are thinking that he/she is great and you don’t deserve his/her love. This means that you are underestimating yourself. This implies that you don’t love yourself.

Hence, reaction of one sided love is underestimating yourself. First, love yourself. If you can’t love yourself, how do you expect that others will love you?


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