You should never reply against a phone-call from your close friends and relatives that you are busy. Answering in this way interprets that you are not interested in listening to them. This means you are neglecting them.

I know, you are very much busy in your office work. It is really very difficult to attend the calls from your relatives. You have lot of pressure in delivering your project. But from other sides, two-three times calls are coming from your home. Every time, you are disconnecting the call. You are feeling irritated. Then, next time you receive the call and said –“I am very busy, I will call you later” and then you cut the call. You did not bother to hear the reason for which your closed one was calling you.

In this crucial situation, what are you doing when you feel going to toilet? Are you postponing this type of works also which are related with your health and is very personal to you? Definitely, you are not doing so because after a certain time, you can’t make yourself preventing from going toilet.

Can’t you reply your relatives who need you and who was calling you in your busy time that you would call them within 10-15 minutes? Then, when you will go for toilet, call them while you are walking towards toilet or when you are smoking or when you are taking your tea/coffee for releasing your stress from your daily office work.

Never reply that you are busy. You don’t know what will happen next moment. Never keep some space for regretting the works you have done with your closed ones. You should always take care of your relatives, closed ones.

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