The people who are not being loved by their partners, for them I must suggest that they should love their works. First medicine is getting love from your spouse which I discussed on my previous blog but this is not in your hand fully. You have tried a lot for getting love from your spouse and you genuinely love your spouse, but proportionately, you are not getting that and you are being neglected, insulted. But we all know that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In this case, where is that reaction? Are you not feeling irritated as you are loving your spouse but not getting it back? So what are you thinking? Are you thinking that Nature’s Law is not true?

If you don’t get the first one, take the second medicine. Second medicine is loving some actions, not your spouse. Love your work by heart without any expectation. If you expect something from your work and become impatient, that means you are not in true love with your work.

Not getting the first one does not mean that you are not blessed rather it means Nature wants to make you stronger, wants you to move in different direction. Nature’s law is true only. But difference is that the life path of someone who gets love is very smooth whereas other’s life path is not smooth. So start loving your works which will surely give you return gift.

Keep yourself always busy in your works. Never stay in idle mood. If you keep yourself idle, then your mind will be filled up by negative thoughts. Don’t allow it. If you keep yourself busy in working, you can sleep well at the end of the day and can start a fresh morning with some new innovative ideas which will make your work more charming.


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