For some people, it is being very difficult to think positive,to act positive,to believe in positive. These people always find the negative things within the positive things and thus making themselves unhappy.

For them, writing positive things may also be difficult. You have to write positive things forcefully and once it is written,read your hand writings daily. It may happen that while you start writing, all the negative words are coming in your mind,but still forcefully you have to write positive things.

When we are suffering from a disease ,we don’t want to take the bitter medicine ,but still we take the medicine thinking that time for bad taste for bitter medicine is too short. Similar way, can’t we think that for writing some positive sentences forcefully,does not require much time ? You have to spare only 5 minutes time daily. Within that time, you can write at least four to five sentences,anything you can write but that must be positive things.

Then start reading your own writings daily. Read just for 2 minutes. Gradually you will feel the magic of writing positive things.

But never write the negative things. It is better not to write rather than writing negative things.Writing negative things acts like poison.

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