Have you bargained at any sweet shop or at any restaurant ? I know that your answer will be ‘no’. Then why are you bargaining to the vegetable sellers on footpath or to the ‘rickshaw-wala’? Why are you bargaining for one more ‘fuchka’ from ‘fuchka-wala’?

In shopping malls,you are compelled not to bargain. In shopping malls, price is kept high and you are tempted by offering high discount. Isn’t it ? You are spending so much money on your dresses, fast-foods,grocery items etc. By spending a lot, you are helping the owner of shopping mall,owner of grocery shop and owner of restaurant or sweet shop. Why can’t you help the ‘van-wala’ who is selling his vegetables daily on footpath ?

Truly speaking,in general,this is our bad habit-“to carry coal to New Castle”. You should never bargain to the “Vegetable -seller-on footpath” and also to the “Rickshaw-wala”. Their daily life is very hectic and their food is depending on their daily earning.

Bargaining by Rs. 5 to Rs.10, you can’t become a rich person. Also,if you spend daily Rs.5 to Rs.10 extra,you will not become poor. Don’t be worried in these small things. So, think a little before bargaining.

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