Are you not feeling suffocated in city?


City means full off offices, apartments, high raise buildings, all man made things. But where is that navy blue sky? Where is sunrise and sunset? Have we lost all these natural beauty? Are we in a cage made of bricks, sand and cement?

So, will you call it as evolution? Every creatures want free space to breathe. Birds are also not being able to make their nests on trees.We are not allowing nature to grow up. We are being very busy in developing technology neglecting the needs of nature.

Developing technology always helps in increasing pollution. Pollution creates suffocation. Then Technology produces Mask which protects us from dust. Most of the people are feeling suffocation while wearing mask. We are not getting pure oxygen and feeling suffocation.

But what are about the villages where technology is not developed, transport is yet to progress,communication is still poor,no pesticides are used in foods ? If we develop the technology only in Hospitals,Schools,Universities etc. will it not be sufficient ?



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