The name “city of joy” dedicated for KOLKATA  is very nice. Isn’t it ? Can any city be called “City of Joy” ? I don’t believe. I believe every city is a mixture of Joy and sorrow. In stead of saying “City of Joy”, you may call KOLKATA as “city of varieties”.

KOLKATA,city of varieties, is a wonderful city where you will get maximum varieties of items,maximum types of people. Here, you will get a lunch meal from Rs.20 to Rs.2000. Rs.20 meal is available at Sialdah footpath whereas Rs.2000 meal is available at 5/7 star Hotel. It is such a place where you will get a beggar below the flyover and millionaire in a 7 star Hotel. Here,every item is available in most lower cost as well as in most higher cost .

There is no growth of Industry,power plants but growth of shopping mall ,restaurant is high. Sometimes, I wonder thinking that how shopping malls are running at KOLKATA where getting job is being very difficult .

The people who are new to this city will not at all feel good but after few months, he / she must fall in love with the city. What makes the city so attractive ?


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