loneliness quotes এর ছবির ফলাফল

Loneliness-a term,which can be viewed in two perspectives. When situation compels you to stay alone,don’t take it in negative way,rather take it in positive way.

Sometimes,loneliness teaches us a lot of things. Loneliness helps in discovering ourselves in broad way. Nowadays,things are being very complex day by day. Doing job,looking after kids,taking care of spouses and maintaining a good relationship with other family members are being very tough in this era. To cope up with this situation,women don’t get time for their own. Even ,men are also busy in office work all the time except 5-6 hours kept for sleeping purpose. We all require some time to discover ourselves.

When you are alone,what activities you are doing are very important. If you think negative things and cry for something or want someone to be changed in your way,then you are wrong. Never try to change others. When you are alone,think what YOU can do for yourself, think only about yourself. Utilize this time in thinking for YOU only. Think that you are a gift given by Nature. In this universe,everyone has values which may vary person to person. When you are alone,your primary duty will be finding good things within you.


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