How to overcome and reduce unemployment

Long ago when there was no improvement in technology, people were becoming busy in focusing how to improve the technology and had not been bothered about the negative sides of the Technology. As a result, Technology has been improved in both direction –positive & negative.

In some cases, negative sides become heavier than that of positive sides. As a result, situations compel us not to use some new technology due to negative impacts.

So, here is the new generation who can improve the technology to such a big level that it can filter and subtract the negative things. The whole world will be surprised at this and also will move towards positiveness of Technology.

Actually we have reached at the pick point of negative sides. So time has come to change the whole world which can be done by smart technology by this smart young new generation. Here is one example-If you can stop the cigarette factory and instead if you can come up with some herbal drinks’ factory which will reduce stress of human being, there will be nothing better than this type of technology. Think like this way, something different, something never happened before, something which have 99% positive application. If you can’t control application of negative sides of any technology, try at least to control and identify the users of negative application.

Technology is the gift given by Nature. You have to apply it properly. If you use the Technology for good purpose, Nature will help you in cultivating your brain and thus will help you in coming up with more advanced technology.

New generation is also a gift given by Nature. Nature wants new generation to come up with new, positive, brilliant ideas. I believe that one day it will be possible with the help of honest desires, patience, smart technology. Of course, Nature will help them in developing this.


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