Don’t you feel the magic of opposites? Imagine that sun is shining every time, there is always available sunlight. How will you feel then? will you not feel exhausted? And that’s the reason sometimes we require Moonlight. So, is it the reason for existence of devil in this world?

Nature needs all things along with their opposites, Black-white, light-dark, god-devil, good-bad, Male-female etc. Opposite exists even within Nature itself and that is cold-hot.

Just imagine everything in one direction or imagine that there is no existence of Opposites. There will be no meaning of travelling, there will be no existence of night, there will be no existence of bad persons etc. Will you not feel tiresome?

If there is no bad person in this world, then there will be no thieves also. As a result, there is no need of Police, Law year. Right? Don’t you feel in that case, there will be no requirement of so many doctors as medicines will be very pure medicines as there is no existence of bad people. As everyone is very good in all direction, do you think there will be requirement of so many teachers? What will you do buying a big flat which you have to share with others as you are a very good person. What will you do by travelling as all places are hot?

Don’t you think that if there is no existence of opposites, there will be no charming in life, there will be no focus in life, there will be no high ambition in life? If we become happy by making someone unhappy, one-day Nature will reverse the thing i.e. that unhappy person will become happy and we will be un happy. But if you do good for others always, don’t expect happiness always because somehow sometimes nature will make you unhappy may be without any reason which we call as luck. But don’t become frustrated because that unhappiness will not be for long time. So, prepare yourself accordingly.

Actually, Nature needs everyone. Nature itself wants competition, improvement but that must be in well-defined way and we should always try to remain in good sides, making good for others.

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