Every year, so many students are being graduated in Engineering. Number of Engineering colleges have been increased a lot. Whoever appear in Joint Entrance Examination, are getting a rank. It is people’s belief that being graduates from engineering is much easier than that of from general line. In general, students are studying in Engineering just for the sake of getting a degree. Recently, students in fourth year from ordinary private engineering colleges are not at all expecting any job through college campus. They know very well that after getting the degree, they have to study again for getting job or they have to prepare themselves for appearing in government sectors. The situation is becoming worse day by day.

Recently, I have witnessed one event at Kolkata. I am watching one place since last year as it is near to my house. Last year this time, I had seen one studio shop in that place. After 3-4 months, I had seen that there was no studio shop , there was a Grocery shop in stead. Seeing the Grocery shop, I was very happy as it was very closed to my house. So I started buying from that shop only. One day,when I was planning to buy some items,I saw that the shop was closed.Then again after few days I saw the Grocery shop as opened. I asked the shopkeeper for what reason,the shop was closed for last few days. The shopkeeper answered -“Rent is very high for this place and that much profit I am not getting”. I shocked hearing this tough situation. But I compelled to stop buying from that shop, as the shop was not opened daily. Then, It was closed permanently after 1-2 months. One day I saw a Xerox-Printer shop in the same place and got surprised. Now there is Xerox-printer shop only. But I am not sure how long the shop will continue.

So, competition lies in every field e.g.-shops, education, film industry, engineering, medical field, hotel management, blogging etc. People are becoming hopeless. Every job is very difficult. Long Long years ago, the scenery was not so painful.

Students from ordinary private engineering colleges are searching for a job of at least Rs.6000/- per month. Do you know that a maid who are looking after kids of working parents are earning Rs.8000-Rs.10,000/- per month whereas a B. Tech Engineer is searching for a job of Rs.6000/- per month? 

This results frustration of this young educated generation. They are being very tired in searching Job. Even, if they go for higher study, there is no certainty that they will get Job easily. Everywhere, there is competition. Now this is the time to rethink in different way to come out of this painful situation.

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