Existence of GOD

Have you seen GOD? Have you loved yourself and others? If you can’t love yourself and others whom you see, then how can you love GOD whom you can’t see and who exists in an imaginary world?

Do you believe in GOD? If yes, why are you worrying, why are you being tensed? Is there any hole in your belief? you should ask yourself deeply. If you don’t believe in GOD, why are you worrying? You don’t believe in GOD means you believe in yourself. Then why you being tensed when you yourself can solve all problems?

GOD-a word of three letters, a completely imagined word. When your thoughts are dedicated towards doing good of others, when you imagine that you are a part of supreme power, when you believe that your creator wants good of you, you perform excellent and people surrounding you will define you as an output of a good luck or an output of blessing of GOD.

GOD- an imaginary existence of power on whom some people want to be dependent completely. When these people are in trouble, they call GOD for helping them. If the problem is solved, they thank GOD or give some Puja in the name of GOD. But when their problem is not solved, they blame GOD, and gradually, they become weak and start thinking that some wrong thing done by them on GOD and that is the reason GOD is not listening to them. Then they start wearing rings, give some big Puja etc. When they complete this type of activity, their mind starts believing that now GOD will listen to them. Sometimes, due to their strong belief, they get success and problem is being solved. Then they start believing that GOD wants Puja, Money, visiting temples etc.

In reality, we create our GOD in our own ways and that’s the reason, the ways to get GOD are different from place to place. So, better believe in yourself, question yourself, read yourself. Enter inside your heart, ask your heart about your potential and then work accordingly.


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