Every Problem has a Solution

lock and key image এর ছবির ফলাফল

When a lock is made,a key for that lock is also made. When a mathematical problem is made,solution of that problem is also made. Similarly,when a problem related to anything-personal or professional is born,solution of that problem is also born.

So,be relax. Whatever problem you are facing must have solution. Just you need one dictionary for getting the solution of it.You need patience,guidance,consultation for getting the exact solution.

Human being creates problem, and solution is hidden within Nature.Human being has been created pollution and Nature shows us the solution path on which we should walk but human being is not listening to Nature.

Problem-solution is like hide and seek game. Sometimes, solution is hidden within the problem. We all should keep our eyes and ears conscious. We should adopt the proper guidance,proper consultation for finding the solution and we should be confident about getting the solution.