11 Points for staying motivated during the COVID-19 pandemic situation

11 Points for staying inspired during the COVID-19 pandemic situation:

We all are being locked at our houses due to COVID-19. Before the arrival of COVID-19, roads were crowded. The entire world was very busy. People were busy at their offices, jobs, etc. Many people were living in foreign countries due to their job. Now, the situation has been changed. Be motivated during this pandemic and here are the 11 points:

1. Healthy Food:

Nothing can be done without focussing on health. If you are not fit, how can you read my post to check the balance nine numbers points? I know that some of you don’t have a regular habit of cooking. Cook smartly. Smart work always needs less time. Go shopping once a week. Cook daily but stay in the kitchen only one hour a day and half an hour at night. Within an hour, make ready for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Use a pressure cooker, use two ovens at a time. While something is cooked at the oven, make lemonade, salads, wash the dishes, clean the slab, serve the breakfast, wash the raw rice, chop, and wash the raw vegetables which you will cook next.

Select the menu smartly. Avoid eating spicy foods, much oil, ghee, etc. some foods which you should eat daily and easy to cook are:

(i)Lemonade- While you cook, you can easily make it. You can keep it for 2-3 hours. You can take it after lunch.

(ii)Glucondy: Prepare this while you cook. If you stay alone, prepare this one glass. You can keep this too for 2-3 hours. Whenever you feel tired, drink this.

(iii) Avoid drinking tea with milk: If you can’t stay without having tea, drink the tea without adding milk.

(iv) Boiled egg- have it in your breakfast.

(v) Salad: Have salad of Cucumber, carrot, onion, etc in your lunch.

(vi) Fruits: Have some seasonal fruits after your lunch.

(vii) Bread/ roti: Have it in your breakfast with a boiled egg. In breakfast, you may take rice, boiled potato, boiled egg, etc.

(viii) Vegetables: While boiling daal, you may give Gourd/sweet potato with the daal. You can fry pumpkins or may make mixed fry of different types of vegetables like ladies finger, onion, potato, paneer, etc. and can change the vegetables in the mixed fry so that you get an interest in having the foods.

You may prepare one curry either of paneer or of egg or of fishes/chicken or of some vegetables. If you make the curry of fishes/chicken/eggs, mix some vegetables with the curry so that you have not to prepare vegetables separately.

These foods you must keep within your menu. In the evening, you may have tea with biscuits/Horlicks/ or some homemade snacks. As our physical work has been reduced, we must give attention to our foods which should not have much cholesterol. In the morning, the vegetable/the mixed fry you have made, keep some amount for the dinner. In the evening, only make roti/chapati. Have a small amount of dinner with roti and vegetables. If you feel hungry, you can take warm milk, one hour before going to bed.

2. Fitness:

We all are walking less, performing fewer physical activities. Thus we have not to take a minute’s journey to do official works. We are not allowed to visit relative’s houses. We are not allowed to travel during the weekend. All these are happening due to the changed situation. We have to know how to fight with this situation and win in the battle. To keep our physical activities the same, we must perform exercises, meditation, jogging, prayers, etc. For these activities, we should spend one hour daily. This is very vital. This is as important as food. As we daily eat foods, we should perform physical activities daily. Drinking water is very essential. As we walk less, we don’t feel thirsty, but the demand for our body is almost the same as it was before the lockdown period.

3. Online Activities:

As we stay at our houses all the time, we all have increased the time spared for online activities such as office works. We compel to do the office works online. Children are also attending an online school. A laptop/ smartphone has become our all-time partner which makes us mentally tired and may damage our eyes. We can’t reduce the online timing on office works/ attending school but we can reduce the timing spared on social media. If you can’t do so as you are doing online business, you must perform some eye exercises and you must take break frequently for getting relaxed. You must maintain the distance between you and the electronic gadget you use.

4. Avoid being Idle:

Keep yourself engaged almost all the time. Never be idle. Idle brains are the devil’s workshop. Keeping yourself engaged with some smart works will always make you happy. If you have not to do office works online, if you get much time at your house do whatever you wished earlier (during the pre lockdown period) but could not able to complete because of lack of time. You may buy some storybooks and read it or may do some activities such as painting, jewelry making, etc. or may plant some trees and may make a beautiful garden in your premises.

5. Writing a letter:

So many emotions are being involved when you write a letter to your children/parents/relatives. When you talk, you can’t show your emotions much. Mobile also is being hot if you continue talking for an hour. Imagine that your parents receive a letter from you suddenly. How will they feel? Can’t we bring back this technology again? hey, you can try today only. Write a letter to your parents. Describe the natural scenery. Describe your emotions which you can’t express when you talk with them. I have a very good experience with it. After knowing the reaction of your parents, let me know how they feel by dropping your comments under the comment section.

6. Talking with relatives and friends:

Talk with your friends and relatives daily, but don’t spend much time over the phone. It may hamper your brain. You call them daily but talk only 5-10 minutes.

7. Roaming at the terrace:

If you have a garden, it is very good that you walk in the early morning/ in the evening regularly. Though I said to do yoga and other exercises regularly, it is not being sufficient for hard physical work. Until you perform hard physical work, you can’t sleep deep and sound.

8. Reading:

Read the books regularly that are the good and positive storybooks. Be in working mode always and stay motivated. If you don’t feel reading the storybooks in a particular time, don’t read at that time. If you dislike reading storybooks, you can never read it or if you can read it, it will not be worthy. So, don’t force yourself, rather try to discover which time you are free and get interested in reading storybooks.

9. Maintaining a Diary:

Before going to bed, write in a diary what have you done the entire day and which works yet to be done. Make a practice of writing. This is the best time to make good habits. Before the pandemic situation, you were so busy that you could not make it. Now, though you have to do many things at home, you can find the time for maintaining a diary easily. When the situation will become normal and if you read that diary, you will be happy knowing that you had done a great work during the pandemic situation.

10. Good sleep:

Good and sound sleep is very necessary for working efficiently. Doing exercise, roaming at the balcony will make your body tired which will help you in having a good sleep.

11. Think positive:

This is the most important but I have put this one at last because if you can fulfill all the above nine points, thinking positive becomes easy. Still, if you can’t think positive, I must suggest to watch /read some motivational stories. If you remain busy in good works all the time, you have not to think positive rather positive thoughts will run to you. On the other side, if you watch many motivational stories and spend rest of the time being idle, thinking positive will be very difficult for you. Busyness and thinking positively both are linked with each other. So, give importance to doing good works all the time, positive thoughts will come spontaneously.



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