Me with My Blogging and My Mind

This is a conversation among me,  my blogging and my mind: Me: I am so tired that I have no time to talk with my mind. Hope, my mind has given you a fixed time daily. Blogging: No, your mind has not given much time for working with me. Me: My mind is a machine.… Read More

Words and fetus

“Some words are planted in the womb of Author’s mind. With the help of feelings of Author’s mind, the words are transformed into sentences as like a fetus is grown up in the womb with the help of the liquid named amniotic fluid. Sentences become enriched by the feelings of the Author. When the fetus… Read More

Positive side of Loneliness

‘Loneliness’ is a term which can be viewed in two perspectives. When situation compels you to stay alone, don’t take it in a negative way rather take it in a positive way. Sometimes loneliness teaches us a lot of things. Loneliness helps in discovering ourselves in a broad way. Nowadays things are being very complex.… Read More

Create a beautiful Garden within your Mind.

Words are the seeds of the Stories. In everyone’s mind, these seeds are planted. Everyone can’t write story because all seeds can’t be transformed into plants. Some seeds which have not been taken care properly, to whom time has not been given will not grow. Similarly, the Sentences which are not nurtured can’t be transformed… Read More

Failure and Success

This is an interesting conversation between Failure and Success: Failure: Why some people do suicide after facing me when everyone knows that from the dark night, dawn appears? Success: Some people want me without facing you. They get afraid of you. Failure: I can only make them stronger. I build them. I guide them in… Read More

M.C.Q on Indian Constitution

Q1. How many recognised National political parties are in India? Ans: Seven (7) Q2. How many divisions are made in the council of the Parliament of the Union? Ans: 3. The divisions are : The president and the two Houses known as the Council of States (Rajya Sabha) and the House of the People (Lok… Read More

When the Story speaks

When the Sentences speak, When they talk About ups and downs, Author laughs Thinking the destination- Depends on his/her decision. When the words think Without them nothing has life, Sentences believe They are everything, Story tells- It’s me who evaluates The value of you all. Author smiles, And create new stories.

Random Thoughts: Education and Technology

Earlier, human beings used to wear leaves of trees to cover themselves as bare minimum required. Education teaches us how to make new designs of cloths for covering us maximum. Technology teaches us how to design the dresses with bare minimum clothes. Thus, Technology takes us that place from where we have started.

The Powerful Mind

We all are “a story” to someone. But to whom we are the story? Some words together make a sentence. Some sentences together make a paragraph. Some paragraphs together make a chapter. Some chapters together make a story. The story is not a living thing. When the author reads this story, story speaks and compels… Read More

Joint Family of Nature!

Blue sky, green leaves, red flowers with brown lands. They all can stay together. Even, when it rains, they all stay with rain, storm. They never create boundaries between different colours, different entities, different heights. We, human beings create so many boundaries between different religions, different casts, different levels,different countries etc. We should think like… Read More

Popular days in November

Here are the important days to remember in the month of November: 1. November is the “No Shaving Month”. Purpose is to save the money spent on shaving and to donate the same to cancer diseased people. 2. 8th November: World Radiology Day. 3. 11th November: National Educational Day. 4. 13th November: World Kindness Day.… Read More

Sounds of Different types of Birds

1. Birds chirp/ sing/ tweet/ whistle. 2. Chickens cackle/chick. 3. Cocks crow. 4. Crows caw. 5. Doves coo. 6. Ducks quack. 7. Eagles scream. 8. Geese cackle/quack. 9. Hens cackle/cluck. 10. Hummingbirds hum. 11. Nightingales sing/pipe/warble. 12. Ostriches chirp/bark/hiss. 13. Parrots talk/screech/squawk. 14. Peacocks scream. 15. Pigeons coo. 16. Vultures scream.

Activities must be taken care at School

Children are the backbone of tomorrow. We all should take care of them. Taking care of them means loving the beautiful existence of the future of the mankind. Children spend their valuable time at school. Children prefer to listen to their class teacher’s words rather than listening to their parents. Hence, School Authorities can change… Read More

Water body at Eco-Park

Do you like to spend your weekend with your spouse and kids in a park? Who doesn’t love park? Specially, children are fond of it. Park means full of green lands, varieties of flowers, different types of rides etc. Park means a place dedicated to children for relaxing the weekends. Have you ever seen a… Read More