Online Educational Applications

ERA OF ONLINE! We are progressing a lot. We can work from home. We can pay the bills from home. We can spend our money without going to bank. All these are very interesting.  Recently, new applications have also come to us by whom we can consult a doctor through online and we can educate… Read More

Joint Family of Nature!

Blue sky, green leaves, red flowers with brown lands. They all can stay together. Even, when it rains, they all stay with rain, storm. They never create boundaries between different colours, different entities, different heights. We, human beings create so many boundaries between different religions, different casts, different levels,different countries etc. We should think like… Read More


আজ শুধু বৃষ্টিতে ভেজার দিন, কিংবা জানালার ধারে দাঁড়িয়ে প্রকৃতিকে দেখার দিন।আজ প্রকৃতির দুই ভাবের এক অপরূপ মিলন। বৃক্ষরাশির ওপর আছড়ে পড়ছে বৃষ্টি। বৃক্ষরাশি আর বৃষ্টির মধ্যে যেন এক গোপন সংলাপ চলছে। মানুষগুলো শুধু উঁকি মারছে,কেউ জানালা দিয়ে, কেউ বা দরজা খুলে। আর মেঘমশায় মাঝে মাঝে আওয়াজ করে সময়সংকেত দিচ্ছে। বজ্র তাদের মিলনে আলো নিক্ষেপ… Read More

Different looks of Nature

When you go for party, when you attend marriage ceremony, when you marry, you look different for different occasions. Similarly, Nature also looks different for different occasions – Summer, Monsoon, Winter, Flood, Drizzling, Storms etc. In this year, today I have got the picture of Monsoon. If you have visited my previous blogs, you would… Read More

Liebster Award – 8th Nomination

Hello everyone, I have got my 8th nominations for The Liebster Award from Sarah . I want to thank Sarah for nominating me for this award. I am really grateful to you,Sarah. Her blogs are of her unique thoughts which are really awesome. Kindly, do check their blogs here: My Witness This is her latest… Read More

You are the Queen of your Family – Never treat yourself as family-maid.

This post is dedicated for some home makers who suffer mentally. Here is a common story of some home makers : I am a home maker. I have two daughters, they are in class 7 & 5. My husband is a private employee. I got married 15 years ago. I have covered half of my… Read More

‘I’-Most selfish word

‘I’ and ‘My’ Not at all shy. For ‘you’, Everything is few. Kingdom is ‘Mine’, And ‘you’ Is nothing. ‘I’ is everything. ‘I’ is selfish, You are foolish, ‘I’ will win, And will let you ruin. ‘I’, ‘I’, ‘Mine’, ‘Mine’, House is ‘Mine’ , property is ‘Mine’, You never be fine. Always ‘I’ prevails, You,… Read More

Make your cover page attractive

Title of the book is “Happiness”. Seeing the cover page, do you think that the inner content is full of happiness? Do you think that if you read the book, you will get happiness throughout all the pages of the book? We all know that nobody can change us until unless we try ourselves. Do… Read More

Entropy and destruction of Universe

Entropy is a thermodynamical term in engineering. It is considered as a measure of disorders ,molecular disorder or randomness of a system. When you buy a new flat, initially the things are limited and arranged properly. After a few years, number of items have been increased drastically. The system (here it is Flat) belongs a… Read More

Guess who I am

I am necessary, In every building. You can treat me as a big TV. In every evening, You stand beside me, Watch daily, Different movies. Your eyes  Can’t follow too many Movies simultaneously- Such a wonderful TV You should watch daily. Keep me opened, So that fresh air enters Within your room and gives Freshness… Read More

Failure increases the taste of Success

I never failed in any exam. At least nobody declared me as “failed”. Last month, I failed. At that moment, I thought – “I can’t pass in this field, never”. A girl who trembles while giving a speech, who is very much introvert, who used to tremble in her childhood when teachers asked questions to… Read More

Raw material and finished product

This is an interesting conversation between raw material and finished product : Raw material(RM) : I have no use. People don’t like me. I am not at all feeling good. Finished product (FP) – You are in good position. Nobody have done research on your body. Do you know how much pain I have tolerated… Read More