My First Book-“Power of Emptiness”

My first book -” Power of Emptiness” got published in

People who believe in spiritual power, who believe in the Supreme Power but don’t love to follow the rituals will surely love the theme of the book. You will come to know the value of Emptiness in each Galaxy and in each Planet. Mankind is trying hard to occupy maximum spaces of the Earth and Earth is trying hard in maintaining the Emptiness. The silent fight between Mankind and the Earth is going on.

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Amphan- Furious Nature

It was 20th May in 2020. The nature had become angry with us, the people of West Bengal. We had come to know that the cyclone would come in the afternoon. Many precautions had been taken, still we are suffering from a great loss.Amphan, a giant cyclone appeared on my place in the evening. From 5.30 p.m to 8.30 p.m, the experience was horrible. I had never seen such a Furious Nature. Raindrops were moving horizontally due to the force of cyclone. Windows of my house were shivering as if someone wanted to break the windows. The noise of the cyclone was increasing my fear. Plants were crying. Birds were hiding. Human beings were in their houses.I was getting so much scared that I couldn’t able to capture any photos. Here are the some glimpses captured by me on 21.05.2020.

The structure which you are seeing resting on the floor has been displaced from the shaft made of bricks. The misplaced structure was fixed with the shaft dedicated for toilets. It is our housing complex.

This picture is captured from the roof of our complex. This place is of ” Airport Authority”.

The following pictures are collected from my friend.

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Mutation of Time

Everything gets changed or mutated. The virus got mutated and has taken the form of a pandemic, named Corona. Time will also be changed. Very soon, it will get mutated.

Remember the day -20th May in 2020. Remember the evening time of that day when Amphan, the giant cyclone was in front of us. We, the people of West Bengal, were thinking when night would be over and the morning would start. Think about that critical time of 3-4 hours. We all know-the time is the best healer. We all had seen the sunrise of next day though we have lost some lives, some valuable things, some plants,etc.

With the mutation of time, virus will also be mutated again and it will lose its strength very soon. We will see a bright, pollution free world.

Let us strengthen our hope with our daily prayer.

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Power of Corona Virus

Corona virus has tremendous power:

It has accelerated the online activities. May be, it is a transition period from offline to the online. We are staying in the phase where online and offline both activities are going on.

Corona wants us to be with family members only, not with others. Corona wants us to work from home.

There are many viruses that take the life of human beings. But no disease spreads so fast or no diseases are so much infectious.

Corona, a virus which can vanish our existence if we don’t become online gadget.

Now onwards, there will be :

Online teaching

Online schooling

Online businesses

Online shopping (completely)

Online friends

Very few people will have a need to go to their offices:

In manufacturing sectors

For treatment

In hospitals

Delivery Sectors

Rail workers

Workers in flights etc.

Stay at home, stay safe.

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