Random Thought :create your own fate

Generally, I study all Zodiac Signs. Do you know why? After reading all Zodiac signs, I strongly believe that the best one is mine. Thus, I make my own fate 😃 Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.



This Poem is regarding -guilty feeling of a mother. I am the killer, but of whom ? who was sleeping in my womb, very gently,nourishing my hormones, always providing me ray of hopes. I am the killer, but whom I killed ? The fetus,who relied on me and loved me,who just begged for staying within … পড়তে থাকুন Killer

Mother and Child

  A child's happiness is linked with mother's mood. If mother becomes happy then only child can be happy. When mother will be happy, mother will be able to give her valuable time to her child. But if mother does not become happy, she can't be able to give her attention to her child. If … পড়তে থাকুন Mother and Child

Codependency helps in Loving

"There is nothing more nice,there is nothing much worse, than me as your vice and you as my versa"-Lang LeavCodependency means we all should walk together,should help others and also should be helped by others. As per Nature's "Give and take policy","Love" also follows the same policy. A kid always love her/his parents,definitely because the … পড়তে থাকুন Codependency helps in Loving

Love will make you beautiful

Love is beautiful. It acts as medicine, it increases beauty on your face, it increases glaze on your skin. It reduces your age. Love is wonderful feelings and also wonderful creation of The Supreme Power. Can you imagine the world without love? Here, I mean love between spouses. If you can't love your spouse from … পড়তে থাকুন Love will make you beautiful

Negative Emotions can make your level down #1

Don't welcome your negative emotions for long time. You may treat them as a man who delivers newspaper to your house. Take the newspaper,read everything including negative and sad news also. But allow your mind to look at the positive things. Emotions often act as negative catalyst. These negative emotions can make your energy level … পড়তে থাকুন Negative Emotions can make your level down #1

A Kid’s Prayer(Money)

P.C- From Google Money, Money - I want your death , Or you leave this earth, Go to some other planet, For you, people are fighting, For you, my Parents are scolding. For you, we all have to worry, We all are in a hurry From the age of 3 years. For you, there is … পড়তে থাকুন A Kid’s Prayer(Money)

Contemplating …..

In the World of Thoughts

This was posted by a friend Jay Vasu on Facebook.

Thought provoking

What’s Inside?

“‘If I were to squeeze this orange as hard as I could, what would come out?’ I asked him.

He looked at me like I was a little crazy and said, ‘Juice, of course.’

‘Do you think apple juice could come out of it?’

‘No!’ he laughed.

‘What about grapefruit juice?’


‘What would come out of it?’

‘Orange juice, of course.’

‘Why? Why when you squeeze an orange does orange juice come out?’

He may have been getting a little exasperated with me at this point.

‘Well, it’s an orange and that’s what’s inside.”

I nodded.

‘Let’s assume that this orange isn’t an orange, but it’s you. And someone squeezes you, puts pressure on you, says something you don’t like, offends you. And out of you comes anger, hatred, bitterness, fear. Why?

The answer, as…

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Nomination for Mystery Blogger Award

I am very grateful to Ms. Laura for nominating me for Mystery Blogger Award on 13.01.19. I am very late to publish this post. I was waiting for weekend for posting this due to busy schedule. Please visit her blog - lauravent69 . I love her stamina which she has published in her blog. I … পড়তে থাকুন Nomination for Mystery Blogger Award

Are your prayers reachable ?

Let me share my personal experience in this regard. I started blogging on September 18. I was enough confident about the quality of my writings. On October, I shocked when I noticed that my blogs were not getting more than 3 views and 2 likes and I saw someone wrote about his/her daily routine and … পড়তে থাকুন Are your prayers reachable ?

কল্পনাগুলো কি সত্যি # রোবটের যুগ 

কল্পনা জিনিষটার কোনো শেষ নেই ।এই পর্বে কয়েক লক্ষ্য যুগ এর পরের কথা ভাবা যাক- যখন পৃথিবীটা রোবট এ ভরে যাবে , বর্তমানে মানুষের জনসংখ্যার সমান রোবটের সংখ্যা হয়ে যাবে। কি হবে তখন ?চলুন আবার কল্পনার স্রোতে বাস্তবের কিছুটা ছোঁয়া রেখে ভাসতে থাকি কল্পনার  ই সমুদ্রে। সারা পৃথিবী তে রোবটের রাজত্ব। তাহলে কি কোনো মানুষ … পড়তে থাকুন কল্পনাগুলো কি সত্যি # রোবটের যুগ 

Blogging Care For Serious Blogger # 3

Do you have a big house ? If yes, then definitely you pay high maintenance charge along with much care and attention. Am I right ? But if you buy a small house which is sufficient for keeping the things you need with good arrangements, you have to give less attention. Right ? Exactly this … পড়তে থাকুন Blogging Care For Serious Blogger # 3

Random Thought :Busy

Busy in the early morning, For my kid for sending To school, busy in the morning, At road, in driving. Busy in the days With my lovely students at college. Busy in the evening, At kitchen in cooking. Busy in the night with my kid, to fight, For completing homeworks And for feeding the vegetables. … পড়তে থাকুন Random Thought :Busy


Time ,you always moving forward ! you give so many lessons , If suddenly, you start moving backward ! So many changes, If happen, we return back our past And you start moving backward fast. how much we will be happy then ? we will get back our grand parents we will loose ourselves ! … পড়তে থাকুন TIME(Imagination)

Off-period is required for high efficiency

Whether it is machine or human brain,everything requires off-period when machines / human brain will be in rest i.e in idle condition. Every machines starting from Microwave to Air conditioner,all need rest and these machines get also that. What will happen if you operate your Microwave continuously even at night also? Its lifetime will be … পড়তে থাকুন Off-period is required for high efficiency

Random Thought : Realization

Today I killed a spider. My mind asked me - " why did you kill it"? I replied - "Simply, I killed it. It was not doing anything wrong at this moment. But in future, it may do that". Suddenly, Inner God whispered - "some people are not doing anything wrong at this moment, but … পড়তে থাকুন Random Thought : Realization

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