Light from the lap of Darkness

On 5th April, at 9pm for 9 minutes only can’t we walk on the same road to fight together against the giant-Corona?

Unity is strength. All of our prayers will increase the positive energy of the world. We all together can remove the negative energy of the world.

I must mention that all of us should do it with deep positive thoughts, prayers. Then only we can be 100% successful. We all should pray for the sake of our lives.

When we will switch off the lights, darkness will exist. From the lap of darkness, light will take birth through candles, torches. When this fact will happen, reality will follow this fact. Corona, the darkness will be removed by the natural light of Nature with the help of the positive energy.

Certainly we will achieve the best, we will be able to remove the negative energy. We should always hope for the best.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless!!

Strong Immunity power only can defeat the enemy!

When an enemy is present in front of us, we should not kill him, rather we should learn how to defeat him everytime.

You can kill the enemy today. But there is no guarantee of arrival of another new enemy tomorrow. It is better to learn how to defeat the enemy so that we can overcome the cruel path full of enemies.

So build a strong immunity power so that Corona or Erona whatever appears in front of us, we can fight against any type of viruses.

May God bless us all! Thanks so much for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together.


ঠাঁই দিও হে প্রভু তোমার চরণে , ঠিকানা যে গেছে মোদের হারিয়ে। কোথা কোথা খুঁজিব ঠিকানা, সর্বত্র যে এখন করোনা। তাইতো তোমার চরণে ঠেকায় মাথা , দূর করে দিও হে প্রভু সকল ব্যথা। করোনা মুক্ত করো এই সুন্দর ভুবন, কথা দিলাম-করবো না পরিবেশ দূষণ। মানুষকে করেছো তুমি বন্দী, স্বাধীন হয়েছে এই প্রকৃতি। মানুষ যাকে ঢাকিয়ে দিয়েছিলো দূষণ মাঝে, আজ সে শুধু হাসে নিজ রূপের বাহারে। ভাইরাস মুক্ত করো হে প্রভু এই পৃথিবীকে , কথা দিলাম- মায়ের আসনে বসাবো এই প্রকৃতি কে। তুমি হে প্রভু মোদের ভরসা, সকলের হয়ে চাইছি আমি ক্ষমা।

Quote#8, 9 &10

Quote of the day:

There is no major enemy than Corona existing at present in the world.

Universe is giving us a last chance – if we become united,then only we can survive. Let us make a beautiful world together.

When a big problem appears, small problems vanish. Corona has compelled people to forget about other problems.

Prayer-a cumulative Energy

It is a time not for enjoying outside. It is a time to stay at home and trust in God. How can a little virus shake the entire world? Can God destroy His own creation?

When you cook, do you throw your food saying that it is bad? Similarly, whatever is the God’s creation, God can never destroy it. But truth is that “if there is God, there is opposite energy of God too”. God means a huge positive energy from which the entire world has taken birth. God is a sink of positive energy whereas Devil is the sink of negative energy.

Has the World lost it’s balance? Has the negative energy increased? In ancient days, there was an epidemic of Cholera. Then in this list, Cancer has been appeared. Now, Corona has been appeared in this list. Thus, the amount of negative energy is increasing gradually. We should increase the amount of positive energy for maintaining a balance in this beautiful world. If we have at least a little bit of faith in our Almighty, we should help Him. His power is hidden within our mind. We should awaken this power.

If we all together pray to our Almighty at a particular time from our own place, all prayers will be accumulated and you know when a billion of drops of water get together, a lake will be formed. Our prayers (definitely at a fixed time) will be accumulated and will form a huge amount of positive energy which will vanish the negative energy like Corona.

How long will we be at our home? Is there any guarantee that after one month, Corona will be disappeared? Is there any guarantee that after one month we will come back to our normal position again? We all can take precautions, we all can stop spreading. But can we ensure the 0% existence of the Corona Corona virus?

When Science fails, when all works are being stopped, when all the paths get closed, one solution still remains. This solution is Prayer. Let the entire world fix a time for praying for saving the world (from our own places). Let’s do the experiment on this-“Prayer works or not”. Scientists should not get afraid of doing the experiments. This experiment will give us two lessons:

1. Unity is Strength.

2. There exists something beyond Science.

This is a time when we have reached at peak level of Negative Energy. Let us save our World from all types of Negative Energy.

Thank you for reading and sharing this. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless!