Our thoughts make us immortal.

We are made of our soul, our thoughts, our relationships and our body, feelings. Out of these five elements, feelings died and for this, body decays and after a certain period of time, body also died. Soul never dies. It only changes it’s shape and form. Balance two elements are completely in your hand. Every… Read More

Snatch your rights as you deserve it

Sometimes it is required to snatch your rights as you deserve it.Some people are too honest, too good that they never protest. As a result, they get tortured from their spouse or from their colleagues and thus loose their own space either at family or at office. This is very much required to increase your… Read More

Peel of Human Being is Body as like Fruit’s Peel

When a tree gives us fruits, usually what do we do ? We eat the fruits after removing the peel. We don’t eat the peel. Exactly it happened to us also. Our body is not taken by God. It gets rusted, as time passes, body looses its’ value. God takes the soul of us and… Read More


I feel that after 1000 lakh years or more than that period of time, technology will try to ruin the developed technology and will try to come back at old age due to desperate behavior of Robots. Returning back will not become so easy. As a result , population will be decreased. Robots will rule… Read More

Best Friend of kids of Nuclear Family

I was disturbing my mother, by requesting her to play with me as it was sunday. My mother scolded me – “you must read your books or draw the pictures as I have lots of works, I can’t play with you right now”. She became angry with me. Father went for shopping. I got scared… Read More


Mother, Maa, Amma, Mummy- the most beautiful words in this Universe. These words are not created by human beings rather created by our feelings spontaneously. This means whenever we feel pain, we cry by shouting one word “Ma” /”Mummy”. Mother only teaches the word- “Baba” /”Father” /”Papa”. Balance all the words are taught by Mother… Read More

Save Mother Nature

Dear God, Nobody understands the pain tolerated by us. Our feelings are not visible to the best creation. Your best creation is human beings. You only informed us that Human beings are most intelligent in this Universe. But we don’t feel so. They don’t know the necessity of us. They are being busy in cutting… Read More

Sunshine Blogger Award :4th Nomination

I am grateful to Kriti for this prestigious award! His blogs are very much interesting and inspiring. Do check his blog, here is the link :The Introspective Scribbler The Sunshine Blogger Award is peers recognition award for bloggers who inspire readers by bringing them joy. RULES FOR AWARD: Thank the person who nominated you and… Read More

Super Cyclone at Kolkata on 3.5.19

It is declared that a severe cyclonic storm – “Fani” will hit Kolkata on 3rd May’19 at 11.30P.M with an average speed of 130-140kmph”.Government had declared holidays for all schools. Some private schools were opened. Lots of precautions had been taken. Whole night passed with anxiety. The people who are below poverty line, were much… Read More


https://yoursuccessinspirer.com/2019/05/04/%F0%9F%8C%BC-siwo-8-lines-poetry-contest-result-%F0%9F %8C%BC/ Thank you SIWO and all the board members, organisers of this contest. I am so happy getting the third place in this contest. My heartiest congratulations to first and second winners and also to the participants. Even I must say here that it is “SIWO” who helps me a lot in growing up… Read More

When aim is same, enemies become friends.

Today, on 3rd May’19, when all are worried about super cyclone-“Fani”, I am not worried as because I know if Nature wants to take our lives, human beings can’t do anything. Today, different types of thoughts are playing “hide and seek” in my mind. Nature is too good. We may treat Nature as owner and… Read More

God’s gene is hidden within us

(Pc: From google) Every Character is unique. Every Human Being is unique. Some Characters together make a Sentence. Some Sentences together make a Paragraph. Some Paragraphs together make a Story. Some small small Stories together make a Book. Similarly, some Human Beings together make a Family. Some Families together make a House. Some Houses together… Read More

Blessings can do miracle !!

“Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.Focus on your character, not your reputation.Focus on your blessings, not your misfortunes.” ― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart There is no substitute of strong desire with patience. Even, I personally believe that if a person (who suffers from a disease like Cancer) can have strong reason to live… Read More